Spice Italian Sausage Pizza

Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza

Shopping List

  • 220g/4 Richmond Sausagesa
  • 30g Cooking oila
  • 20g Tomato ketchupa
  • 5g Paprikaa
  • 1g Fennel seeda
  • Your favourite Margerita Pizza
Step 1 Use a sharp knife to split the sausage skins and place the meat into a bowl.
Step 2 Mix the further ingredients in to the sausage meat and alter to your preference.
Step 3 In a non stick pan heat the oil over a medium heat, add the meat in small pinches.
Step 4 Slowly cook whilst continuously moving to ensure even colour, when a light brown colour is achieved remove from the pan and allow to cool a little.
Step 5 Meanwhile heat the oven as per the instructions on your pizza of choice (alternatively make your own).
Step 6 Sprinkle the meat mix over your pizza and cook as per instructions.
8 Thick Pork Sausages

Richmond 8 Thick Pork Sausages