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Our Story

At Richmond, we know a thing or two about sausages...and so we should ; we've only been making them for over a hundred years!

Richmond sausages began in 1889 when Mr Louis Moore set up a small shop at 63 Linacre Road, selling his fine sausages. Proving to be a real hit, the business boomed and in 1917 the first-ever Richmond sausage factory was opened. In the first week of production, the Moore family and one other member of staff produced an incredible 600lbs of sausages — and what's more, they managed to sell every single one! By 1930, the empire had grown even larger, with 230 people producing the now-famed sausages.

Louis Moore
Ration Book

Over the years, the humble Richmond sausage became a classic, with its signature Irish recipe bringing smiles across tables countrywide. You see, it wasn't just a recipe for a perfect sausage, it was a recipe for brilliant mealtimes, bringing friends and families together for moments that matter, championing the importance of the simple stuff - big smiles and delicious meals (all with a generous helping of teatime mayhem!)

We still craft our sausages today to this traditional Irish recipe, and though times have changed, you can be sure they still have that delicious taste everyone looks forward to: always have been, always will be.

So from our kitchen to yours, dig in; the secret is in the sausage.

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